Summer Camps

2 options:


Morning class: 9-11:30 am ($85 or $65 for group/returning students)

Full Day Camps: $225 for one child, $200 each for multiple


Mon-Wed July 11-13

Thursday July 14: Class 9am-11:30 +Museum visit at 12pm (optional)

9am: Introduction, orientation, and set up.

9:30:  Lesson 1

10:30: Break, snack time (snack provided by parents)

11:15am: Lesson 1 Attempt 2

12pm: Break

12:15pm: Lesson 2

1pm: Break/Snack time (snack provided by parents)

-Report to parents (via email, text, or phone call)

1:30pm: Presentation/Demos

2pm: Clean up 

2:30pm: Study time (S.T.E.M Workbooks based on age group)

3:15pm: Clean up/Activity break

4pm: pick up



9777 Harwin Dr Suite 507 Houston Tx 77036


Anatomy Course

Drawing eyes, hands, limbs, and other body parts. This course will  develop focus, understanding, and discipline. All ages welcome, minimum age waiver is 7 years old. Book Here



Drawing and Painting course. All ages welcome, minimum age is 9. Portrait courses that will help with rendering face, reasoning skills, and creativity. Book Here. Min age: 7, preferred age 9 & up


Figure Drawing Models & Techniques

Drawing models who pose for artists. This course will develop understanding of drawing clothes, shading, and anatomy. All ages welcome, model will be clothed. Min age: 7. Reserve